After over twenty years in vfx and working only on big budget films, Rachael returned to university (Oxford UK) to study Advanced Creative Writing/Scriptwriting and Pitching. (2020).

Filmography includes :
Babe; gladiator; troy; tomb raider; harry potter 2; harry potter 3; harry potter 4; the medallion (jackie chan) ; i robot ; king kong ; FURIOSA...

FOx studios; warner bros; universal; Plan b; mgm

ridley scott; chris colombus;  Peter Jackson; Gordon Chan; wolfgang peterson; alex proyas, george miller; mike newell; alfonso cuaron...

fx companies/supes:
neil scanlan; joe letteri; corbould bros; mpc soho (uk); weta digital (NZ); pinewood (uk). DNEG (SYD)...

nominated for VEs award - I Robot.
So what's it like to work with Rachael?

"Rachael crafted an engaging speech for our organisation that will enable us to reach the heart and minds of New Zealanders and connect them to our cause.

The tone was warm, inspirational and bold. This speech will make a huge difference.

She understood the brief well, promptly delivered on what was requested and quickly incorporated the feedback we had.

It was a pleasure to be working with Rachael and get our outputs so quickly."
Helga Wjentes - The Cancer Society.

"Rachael writes with great confidence and control of complex psychological subject matter.

That is something that cannot be taught!
As such, she hooks the readers into her prose and leaves us wanting more.”

Elizabeth Garner - Oxford University.

"I had the pleasure of working with Rachael for a very long period on a single task (King Kong) - still to this day one of the things I'm most proud of in my career. We also put together the most memorable publicity image from the film, a huge copy of which I have outside my office at Weta so I see it every day.
Rachael's eye for detail and professionalism are second to none."
Charlie Tait
Visual Effects Supervisor.
Weta Digital.
"I have had the great pleasure in knowing and working with Rachel for a number of years. She has always shown great abilities and always strives to deliver the best she can for the client.
I know that Rachel would be a huge asset to any production."
Gino Acevedo
Weta Digital Art Dept.
Creative Art Director.
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